Item 100% original, made in China

- Gigantic Arms 01 large manipulator unit to further power up to a powered guardian appeared!
- For all the finger joints can move, it can be a variety of facial expressions with.
- Of course joint diameter of each section so that the person who used in combination with the frame Arms and frame Arms Girl adopts 3mm standard.
- [Quartet laser] in combination with the accompanying parts can also be used in addition to the large-scale manipulator such as [sledge hammer].

- Basic of over de manipulator [Normal mode], the other of the elongation of the nail [Destroy Mode], you can enjoy in a plurality of modes, such as quadruple beam cannon [quartet laser] of large hammer [sledge hammer].
- Movable all finger joints 3mm diameter connection. You can play with a complex look like a human wrist.
- Knuckle guard can be moved to the front of the fist and moving.
- By assembling direction also can be used as a left or right of the manipulator.
- The thumb tip is possible and storage and deployment with a built-in 3mm axis so as to function as a sub-arm.
- Wrist connection joint is so you can use in conjunction with the various frame Arms and MSG comes with a thing has been more available [3mm] [3.2mm] [5mm] [Impact knuckle & impact edge correspondence] .
- Slide rail rod is capable of expansion and contraction using the rail mechanism and the lock mechanism.

- Over de manipulator body × 1
- Destroy Mode pawl parts × 5
- Quartet laser for muzzle parts × 4
- Slide rail rod × 1
- Additional grip × 1

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Kotobukiya Frame Arms Heavy Weapon Unit MH16 Overed Manipulator

  • Brands Kotobukiya
  • Product Code: 4934054260942
  • Availability: 1
  • RM60.00

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